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Intro to Field Sports

Introduction to Field Sports

Program Overview

Introduction to Field Sports, or IFS, is in its second year at AJAA. This program is designed for all children ages 4-8 (Pre-k through 1st Grade) that are unsure of what sport they may want to play, but need an activity.  The program lasts for 9 weeks, and starts in the spring after the Avon School Corporation’s Spring Break.  Children will practice for one hour, twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays as a league academy.  During these practices, the children will go from station to station to learn fundamentals and rules for four different sports in four separate sub-seasons.  As the children progress, they will be matched with peers of similar skill levels.  Each Sunday, the kids will play a game within their own peer group.  This will help build confidence in the players, and will help them learn how to progress at their own pace.  The four sports offered will be soccer, lacrosse, rookie rugby and flag football.


Flag Football

During the Flag Football Session, your child progresses yet again with the footwork learned in soccer and hand-eye coordination in lacrosse to add body control to the mix.  With flag football, the children will learn a very watered-down version of our Spring Flag Football League.  By this point in the season, the children should have revealed a good sense of where they fit from an athletic stand point and will be put onto a permanent squad.  For this session, we will blend the skill levels a little more to even the children out on teams and let them feel as though they belong to a team. The Flag Football portion of this program will be assisted by the AJAA Football Committee.


During the lacrosse session, the teams again will be 5 vs. 5.  This progression will take the footwork learned in the soccer session and tie together hand-eye coordination.  This is a non-contact league, and the only equipment that will be used are “fiddle sticks,” or miniature lacrosse sticks.  During this session, some teams may not play a traditional game on Sundays and continue to work on their new skills with mini-games and challenges. The Lacrosse portion of the program will be assisted by the AJAA Lacrosse Committee.

Rookie Rugby

Rugby is a brand-new sport at AJAA in 2018. In this portion of the season, your child will learn the rules of Rugby and how it differs from the game of football and soccer. This will also be a flag program to reduce the incident of injury. The Avon Black Swarm High School Club Team staff and players will assist with this portion of our program.


The soccer session will play with teams of 5 vs. 5.  Each team will have no more than 8 players, whereas there are never more than 3 players on the sidelines at a time.  The children will learn basic soccer rules, and work mostly on following instruction and footwork for coordination.  Children will possibly be moved according to their interest and skill level from week to week.  We recommend soccer cleats and a mouth guard. The soccer program will be assisted by an All-American honorable mention player from NAIA William in the Woods University.

Program Objectives

We want your child to have fun.  We also want to be the proper ambassador to youth sports, and encourage your child to continue to participate in sports.  At AJAA we offer a variety of opportunities for kids to be active, and the goal with IFS is to set a tone of community within this young age group that will continue for years to come.


This program will cost $125.00 to register, and offers over 25 hours of instruction and play.

What You Get

Your child will be given a participant shirt for all of spring sports, as well as the official T-Shirt for IFS.

Equipment Needed

Your child will need a pair of soccer cleats, shin guards and a mouth guard.  All three sports can use the same parent-supplied equipment.  (shin guards not needed for lacrosse or football)  We will take care of the rest!


Tentatively, the schedule will be two practices a week for an hour each, and on Sundays after 1 p.m.  The season will start in mid-April, and will be over by mid-June.


We try at all costs to not call events off for weather, but inevitably there will be some days where the field conditions are not suitable.  We will make every attempt to reschedule events due to rain out.  This may cause the events to be played outside of the above-mentioned schedule.

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