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Welcome to the 2018 Spring Lacrosse Season!

Stay tuned for 2018 season info!

Registration will close on March 15, 2018

Avon Youth Lacrosse Program:

Boys & Girls Youth Lacrosse:

  • Students LIVING in Avon, Plainfield, or Cascade school districts, regardless of what school they attend; will play for Avon Youth Lacrosse.
  • Students LIVING in Brownsburg, Danville, or Tri-West school districts, regardless of what school they attend; will play for Brownsburg Lacrosse.

Spring FAQ

What is Avon Youth Lacrosse?
Avon Youth Lacrosse is an elite travel program for young players who demonstrate the skills and commitment to developing as players in the competitive setting of lacrosse.  “Travel” lacrosse requires a significant time and energy from players, parents, and coaches.   Players may choose to play spring or fall lacrosse, but a commitment to the team is expected.   The intent of the lacrosse program is to build a team made up of players that will eventually feed into the HS Lacrosse programs in Avon, Plainfield, and Cascade.  The Avon HS Lacrosse Program, along with Avon Youth Lacrosse share the same desire which is to keep teams together as much as possible to build on the previous season and to build and keep team chemistry and community within teams (parents, players, coaches, etc.).  

What teams are offered through Avon Youth Lacrosse?

Youth Segmentation:
For the 2018 spring season, Indiana Youth Lacrosse has provided the following guidelines on player segmentation.

U10 (closely matching 3rd/4th grade) – those players born between 8/31/2009 and 9/1/2007

U12 (closely matching 5th/6th grade) – those players born between 8/31/2007 and 9/1/2005

U14 (closely matching 7th/8th grade) – those players born between 8/31/2005 and 9/1/2003
-- Any 8th grade student born prior to 9/1/2003 will be granted a waiver to play for the 14U team since they are not eligible to play for any high school teams in this state.

Girls 12U/14U (dependent on number of registrations, this league closely matches 5th - 8th grade) - those players born between 9/1/2003 and 8/31/2007

Little Sticks (dependent on number of registrations, this league closely matches 1st grade and 2nd graders that didn't make the 10U cut off and is a Co-Ed league.)

  • Any 8th grade student born prior to 9/1/2002 will be granted a waiver to play U14 since they are not eligible to play for any high school teams in this state.

When does the Lacrosse season start and end?  
Spring Lacrosse starts March 1st, with the first game typically occurring after Spring Break.  Spring Lacrosse will end approximately June 1st.

When are games played?
Most games will be played from Mid-March to June first.  Game scheduling will occur in late February.

Do players have to play Spring and Fall Lacrosse?
Fall and Spring Lacrosse are separate registrations.  Players are not required to play Spring and Fall.   

How much does “Travel” Lacrosse cost?
Avon Youth Lacrosse fees are based on the anticipated number of games for the season, Indiana Lacrosse Association fees, and field equipment needs.  Registration fees for 2018 Spring Lacrosse will be $200.   This includes uniform cost.

Additional Player Costs outside registration include.

U.S. Lacrosse Player Membership: $35

Equipment Costs which varies from $100 - $250

What does "travel" mean for the program?
Most games are played with programs right here in Central Indiana; for example Carmel, Center Grove, Heritage Christian, Brownsburg and games are scheduled predominantly on the weekends.  But some games will be played with programs outside Central Indiana; for example Bloomington, Columbus, Lafayette, and some games may be scheduled during the week.  If games are schedule during the week then time and distance will be taken into consideration.

Can we rent player equipment?
The AJAA is offering a $50 Rental fee for:

  • Player Helmet - Player helmets will be black. 
  • Player Chest Pads

Male Players will still be responsible for:

  • Lacrosse Helmet
  • Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Lacrosse Gloves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Mouth Guard
  • Protective Cup

Female Players will be responsible for:

  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Goggles
  • Cleats
  • Mouth guard

If a player rents the Helmet and Chest Pads for three seasons, the Player will be able to keep their 3rd year equipment.

Also, the AJAA is offering discounted pricing on Helmets and Chest Pads.   Please contact JD Fry at for additional details

Uniforms expected duration for use
Spring uniforms will be consistent for two consecutive years where every other year we could retire a uniform and players may be required to purchase a new uniform.  Initial start of uniforms for boys lacrosse was 2017 so uniforms will be the same for 2018, but may change in 2019.  Girls uniforms initial start is 2018 so the same uniform will be used in 2019, but may change in 2020. The decision to change uniforms will be made by the leadership committee for Avon Lacrosse.

Can I keep my lacrosse number each year?
Our goal is to have each player retain their lacrosse number through the balance of the AYL program.  To retain the player’s number, they must register and participate in each Avon Youth Lacrosse Spring season.   If a player does not register for a spring season, the Lacrosse number associated with the player will be placed back into the number pool.  Players will not retain numbers for rec lacrosse when established. A
ny player can select a number that another player has as long as there is a two year gap between the players years of playing.  This will allow for example a 10U and 12U player to have the same number and never overlap, but once the players reach high school whichever player had the number first will retain this number.  All parents will sign a waiver with this statement so they are aware of the risk if their player selects a number already in use.  

Where are home games and practices held?
Our home field and practice area will be located at Cedar Elementary.  Additional details will be forthcoming.